What Your B2B Marketing Agency Doesn’t Know..

B2B is arguably the toughest form of marketing, with your potential clients focus being pulled from all directions it is difficult to understand where is best to spend your budget and produce content, unless you know how…

To optimise digital advertising ROI and drive revenue, Elixir Agency are taking a data-driven approach to driving valuable call conversions, beginning from the top-of-funnel content, through to providing fully qualified leads.

So, what are a few areas to look at?

  1. 90% of B2B customers start their journey with a search. Therefore, B2B marketers should refine their SEO strategies to attract top-of-funnel leads.
  2. B2B costs per lead (CPLs) aren’t cheap. Business services leads are among the most expensive B2B leads to drive (£200+), while consulting leads are among the cheapest (£50+). Good quality leads are expensive but with good quality leads should come good ROI.
  3. 74% of B2B consumers conduct half of their research online before making an offline purchase. B2B customers are some of the most switched on people around, so expect your business’ website, social media platforms and sometimes even your personal social media platforms to be researched. However….
  4. 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone. This shows that ZMOT is vital in B2B marketing.

If you want are interested in boosting your B2B leads and find clients that want to work with you, get in touch!